About - Jaguar Path Florida - Yoga & Shamanism - Ali Smith


Ali offers healings/tools/yoga to help you shed your past like the snake sheds it’s skin. Guiding yourself to step into your power. In this place the past has no power over us. We can in turn, access our courage to live our lives with curiosity enthusiasm and a discipline to be able to control our response to what is happening in our internal and external world. We remodel the body to trash our programs that no longer serve us and create new programs to evolve us into growth.

About - Jaguar Path Florida - Yoga & Shamanism - Ali Smith


An invitation to open our minds to energy science. To practice knowing yourself better, for when you know yourself better, you can then make better choices for your own life story. Your thoughts now are curating your next chapter. We can practice rewiring these old neuro-pathways and activating new synaptic connections to transform our reality to honor our growth.

About - Jaguar Path Florida - Yoga & Shamanism - Ali Smith


In practicing tools and ceremony, we escort ourselves to the center of our spirit. This is where we can fly above our circumstances and see a wider view. We widen our lens of perception and connect to our soul direction of seeing our 3rd eye wide open. Truth becomes comfortable. It’s there we begin to live – in TRUTH!

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