Sessions with Ali

Work with Ali

Appointments are made by phone or email. Can travel to you for one-on-one, speaking engagements or group yoga.


One-On-One Healing Sessions

50 minutes – 1 hour (regular)
1.5 – 2 hours (extended)


Group Appointments

or specialized group class designed to fit your wants/needs


Group Yoga

can customize a yoga class to fit the needs of your specific group.


Speaking Engagements

Book Ali to speak on topics like yoga, shamanism and healing for your next event!

Jaguar Path Program

Learn more about our 9-week training program in yoga and shamanism. Limited spots available!

Upcoming Trainings

Stay updated on the latest trainings and events with Ali Smith and Jaguar Path Florida.

Kind Words

See what other students and clients are saying about their time working with Ali.


Our group of students quickly become a tribe and allies in a sacred space infused with
appreciation, love, humor, openness and courage. Join us for our next 9 weekend monthly integration and reserve your spot with Jaguar Path Florida today!